Household Water Purification Systems

5 Stage RO Purification unit with booster pump 5 Stage RO Purification unit without booster pump Alkaline 5 stage RO system

Ultra filtration water purification system

1 Stage Water Filtering System 2 Stage Water Filtering System 3 Stage Water Filtering System

Water Bars For Retail Stores

Household Water Softeners

Single Big Blue filtration systems Double Big Blue filtration systems Slim line Filtration System - double Slim line Filtration System - triple


Sediment Filters Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Filters Carbon Block Filters
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters Taste and Odour Pre-Filters

Mineral Filter

Water Dispensers

Free Standing Compressor Water Dispensers Industrial Water Fountain Kiddies Dispensers

Greif Bottles

Spares and Accessories

Luxury faucets Under Counter Storage Tanks Booster Pumps

Fittings Valves Connectors

Rain Water Harvesting